Some reviews I’ve received

I know this is very self congratulatory but most of you coming to this site probably don’t know me and I wouldn’t want you to take my word for it. 😉

From UpDownUnder via Daddy’s Reviews @
I’ve met up with Josh many times – he’s one of the few guys who has been to my home. Great looking, great personality, educated, and one of the very best tops I know. Very much the whole package. Even my dogs loved him.

From Bart via Daddy’s Reviews @
Hi great time in LA and PSP, last weekend and I was the lucky gentleman to have Josh at my side this last weekend and I do mean lucky.
First I sent in a review for Josh back in December but Daddy shut things down before it could get posted.
Second, yes the nine is real and I am still sitting gingerly at the writing of this, I will swear he has the ability to bend it half and make you think you are being double fucked at least that is how it felt.
I have done 1-1/2 hrs, 2 overnights and 2 trips with Josh since October last year. I found him energetic, intelligent, a lover, a dom. Describe the event you want and I am sure he can tailor it to your wants and desires. He is truly versatile, although you all know where I end up on the bed (balcony, shower, etc) 100% of the time. So the sex is off the wall.
I spent 2-1/2 hrs driving to PSP and another driving back and we managed a conversation the entire way. He is very easy to travel with. Making plans was easy, VENMO was wonderful after DC as I totally screwed up the pay he handled like a pro and still was willing to travel with me again.
I would be careful sleeping with him because he likes to wake up and just remind you how long that dick is, he is damn frisky.
Most of you know how close I was with Chris Eisenhower and when he stepped away 1-1/2 year and half ago for a great life, it left a big hole for me and many others. He is not Chris Eisenhower, he is Josh 9+, but the fit sure is great and the world is at balance again for me. He is an up front guy and who has a lot of sex appeal and a very wry sense of humor. And damn he sure knows how to fuck. Enjoy him and be good to him. I am so happy he is in Chicago.

From Despardo via Daddy’s Reviews @
I had a nice conversation with him in Palm Springs as well. He is quite handsome and very friendly.

From RandyBoy via Daddy’s Reviews @
I met Josh for an hour session in March while in Chicago for a conference. I had perused RM’s Chicago menu selections and chose 5 but in he end my #1 & final selection was Josh. During that time, what struck me then was his gentlemanly demeanor despite a physiologic mishap on my end – quite literally. He was kind, but also matter-of-fact, which impressed me while also putting me at ease. Several weeks later, he was in NYC, and we had pre-planned an appt alas he had to cancel. I understand now that was better than his keeping the appt but not being 100% present, focused & engaged. We talked a few days later & I gave him a choice -> visit me in NYC vs meet me in Montreal.
As I sit on the plane flying back to NYC after my adventure in Montreal, I reflect on the many things Josh was for me as companion on this trip. He was the gentleman, the navigator, the playmate, the tour guide, the researcher, the virile top-man, and depending on the context, the Erudite or the Luddite. He was chivalrous on the streets, and a ravenous rapscalion in the sheets. Perfect!!!! On our peripatetic journey through the neighborhoods of Montreal, we went from museums, to shops, to restaurants, ending the day with a tour of the strip clubs; without discernible effort, he was equally at ease regardless of setting. He kept me engaged with banter & discussion, did his best to teach me some French words AND their proper pronunciation, along with kindly yet repeatedly reminding me this was my vacation earned because now I was a PhD graduate. His focus was 100% on ensuring I was having a good time!

From jonnychgo via Daddy’s Reviews @
Hired Josh last year the day after MarketDays. It was Monday afternoon. He’d been to a Circuit party but didn’t seem “out of it”. Passionate kisser, consummate top. He’ll really pound his load into you. He asked to take a refresher shower first which was cool, however, he came out in just a towel. I would have prefer undies so I could take the off. I like “unwrapping” the present. He was very conversational. At that time he still lived in SF but visiting. Didn’t have the glasses yet. I requested the BFE which I really didn’t get. I had a good time, but he did something a little physical which surprised me. Didn’t hurt me, but surprised me. If you want, PM me for details.

I will echo that it is at least 9 plus thick. He’s also REALLY handsome but as he quotes “don’t let the pretty boy look fool you”, He can be a nasty man

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